Word of mouth marketing is a powerful and proven way that you can develop your business. We can define it as; the process of actively influencing and encouraging organic word of mouth discussion about a brand, organisation, resource or event.

Our word of mouth marketing and referral groups in Wales work to harness this principle – that’s how we share more than £15 million of referred business through our 250 chapters in Wales.

Word of Mouth Marketing in Wales

The BNI referral marketing groups are exclusive in that only one member is allowed to join from each profession. This means that when a potential referral comes up for your industry – you’re the one who gets the business. Not only this, but we have active meeting every week throughout Wales. At these meeting we use the power of word of mouth marketing and referrals by sharing our businesses with each other and by passing any connections we may have made during networking breakouts.

Benefits of Word of Mouth Marketing

Other than the fantastic benefits of increased revenue and growth for your business, there are a whole host of other reasons that our business networking groups should be on your radar.

1. Increase Business Prospects

You’ll substantially increase your business through referrals. A simple, tested method that is sure to grow your business.

2. Professional Development

You’ll have access to our exclusive training programs and opportunities to sharpen your presentation and business skills. This will lift your relevant business skills across the board and generate you more revenue through growing as a person and professionally.

3. Great Networking Opportunities

By taking part in 52 networking meetings every single year, you’ll get to meet people from all different kinds of meetings but more importantly, you’ll get to meet people with the same passion, drive and mindset as you. You become an average of the people you associate yourself with after all.

4. Exclusive Member Resources

We’ll provide you access to tools that will help improve your networking, public speaking and business development processes. These have been used by thousands of business worldwide allowing us to evolve the best practices to truly hit where it matters.

How Can You Join?

It’s simple. You just need to get in touch with the team here and schedule in to come meet us at one of our networking meetings in Wales. We have chapters, or groups, spread throughout the region and so there’s sure to be one near you.

Each business sees an average business growth of 20% in the first year of joining one of our BNI chapters. If you want to take advantage of the power of word of mouth marketing in Wales too, then reach out to us here and come join us on one of our weekly meetings to see if it’s a good fit.

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