Time is the one currency we truly need to grasp on to. It’s the one thing that falls away from us with every second of perturbation. That’s why business owners find it so precious. When in a position with various spinning plates, we realise just how impactful spending our time wisely can be.

It may be easy to brush off networking ‘because i’m too busy’ but it does not have to be quite like that. Here’s some ways you can still network, even when you have an overwhelmingly busy life.

1. Attending Purpose Built Conferences

If time is an issue, then turn up at a busy business conference, dive in that networking room and get networking. By attending an event where there are thousands of others in close proximity, you can hit some big numbers fast.

This option limits the friction between each new conversation. As they’re all together in one room, you can get lots done in a short space of time.

2. Utilise Your Social Circle

If you’re into business, then the likelihood is, lots of your friends are too. Next time you go out for a meal together orĀ  few drinks, ask them if they know anyone who’d be worth networking with that they could bring along. Two bird with one stone and all!

3. Social Media Connections

One of my favourite ways to network is via social media – that includes Linkedin. What I love about this is that you can do it anywhere. Whilst commuting, waiting for an order at a restaurant, stood in line at the dry cleaners – you can always be doing it.

This does require some prep work though. Firstly you need to be a part of Facebook groups and Linkedin networks that are relevant to your niche. Be a part of the conversation and then you can meet others who are also a part of that and virtually network.

4. Schedule it in Advance

One of the fantastic concepts BNI introduces is the weekly networking breakfasts. They’re set usually at the same time each week and designed so that you don’t need to think about whether to go or not or whether you are free that day. They’re set to happen before your day of work and they happen on a schedule – you can then develop your networking into a habit. In time, it’ll be just like brushing your teeth!

5. Set up industry meet ups

A fantastic way to get yourself into networking is to use the power of Meet Up. You be the leader. You call the shots. Choose a location near to you and an industry that you want to develop your relationships in. Then invite other suitable people once a month for coffee and networking.

It’s perfect because you can literally select the coffee shop nearest to your location and have everyone meet there – saving your precious time!

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