Wondering how to join a BNI chapter in Wales? We’re going to talk you through the process and the plethora of options you have when choosing your perfect BNI chapter in Wales. We work with regions based in West Wales but if you’re looking for a meeting elsewhere in the country – we have those available too! You’ve done the hard work, you know that your business is going to grow rapidly. You’re going to open up your inner circle to other ambitious business owners. You’re going to thrive. Here’s how to get started.

What's the Process?

Joining a BNI Chapter in Wales is super simple, yet purposefully designed to help you understand exactly what your new community is about, and how it can become an invaluable part of your marketing strategy.

1. Reach out to your local chapter

Firs things first. Jump on to the BNI West Wales regional website and search for your local chapters. We have chapters ranging from Swansea and Neath to Carmarthen and Llanelli. If you’re based in West Wales, we have a chapter nearby.

2. Visit a chapter for a free introductory meeting

Once you’ve locked in on your local chapter. Get in touch through the chapter website. You’ll find a list of all of our chapters below for your convenience. Once booked in you’ll make your visit (usually on a Friday morning).

At the meeting you’ll get to participate and learn all about what happens in BNI West Wales.

3. Decide if it’s right for you – join or walk away!

BNI isn’t for everyone. We require a level of commitment that adds value to every single business owner in the group. We work hard as individuals and that compounds ten-fold when added to our community. If you’re in – you can sign up on the day. If it’s not for you – no sweat, perhaps we’ll be back in touch some time in the future.

Swansea BNI Chapters

The largest of the BNI Wales areas is in Swansea. That’s not surprising due to the large amount of thriving businesses in the area. To accommodate for this, we have three chapters in Swansea.

Dylan BNI

Dylan BNI in Swansea  passed over £1,345,075 in sales over the past 12 months. It’s 29 members meet at Langland Bay Golf Club every week to share referrals and network. Some of it’s members include; butchers, marketeers and financial services.

Waterfront BNI

Another BNI chapter based in Swansea is Waterfront BNI. This chapter houses a huge 36 members and were happy to share more than £6.6 million in referrals over the past year. Located at The Village Hotel, this BNI chapter is perfect for those looking to grow their business in Swansea.

Liberty BNI

Meeting at the Liberty Stadium, the 19 members of Liberty BNI, Swansea passed over £695,873 in the last 12 months. Members include; graphic designers, builders and more.

Swansea Bay BNI Chapters

If your business is located in Swansea Bay, we’ve got your covered.

BNI Swansea Bay

We currently have 16 members in the BNI Swansea Bay chapter. Passing over £493,837 in the previous 12 months, members have been able to enjoy massive returns on their investment.

Neath BNI Chapters

Are you looking to grow your business in Neath? Here’s a little information about your local BNI chapter.

Burton BNI

Burton BNI, located in Neath, has been a fast growing chapter and were able to share more than £2.8 million in business over the past 12 months. Each member sees and average increase in business of 20%. If you want to make a visit to Burton BNI in Neath then you can meet the 43 members at the Swansea Bay Golf Club.

Llanelli BNI Chapters

If you have a growing business in Llanelli, make a visit to our BNI chapter and enjoy the benefits.

Elli BNI

Our Elli BNI chapter is for those Llanelli based businesses who are looking to grow their business with a solid foundation and with proven referrals. The chapter has 14 members at present and were able to share over £360,572 in business last year.

Ammanford BNI Chapters

Ammanford houses our Glo BNI chapter. If you are a business owner in the area, come down for a complimentary first visit.


Our Ammanford based, Glo BNI chapter currently boasts 26 members including; florists, electricians and kitchen/bathroom designers. The weekly meet ups are based at The Mountain Gate Hotel.

Carmarthen BNI Chapters

Are you based in Carmarthen? Our tight nit chapter near you could be the perfect boost to your business.

Merlin BNI

13 members currently make up the Merlin BNI chapter in Carmarthen. Although not the largest chapter, it certainly is one of the best performing with more than £765,710 in sales being passed in the previous 12 months.

Haverfordwest BNI Chapters

Businesses in Haverforwest could benefit from our thriving chapter in the area. There’s a free first visit for prospective members – so take advantage and see if it’s for you.

Resolute BNI

Named Resolute BNI, our Haverfordwest chapter comprises of 21 members who have shared over £1.1 million in business over the past 12 months.

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