The principle of ‘Givers Gain’ is a key aspect of the philosophy behind BNI. But this concept does not stop at referral marketing – it can, and should, be utilised in your social media marketing too!

Every Business Has Something to Offer

It is rare to find a situation where social media is not a huge asset to a local business – extremely rare. That being said, so many business owners can feel at a loss to how they can provide interesting content that will earn the loyalty of followers online.

Why would somebody follow a locksmith or a roofer online? What do they have to offer? This is where you should aim to take a look from a new perspective. There’s a lot that any business can offer. Just how giving is a key aspect in word of mouth marketing, it’s just as important in other areas too.

The Golden 1:4 Ratio in Marketing

The 1:4 ratio is a fantastic rule to stick to. That ratio corresponds to the taking versus giving that should be employed in your content. In other words, you need to give four lots of valuable content for every time you ask something back of your online following.

Why is this so important? If a person’s social feed us clogged up with; ‘Download this’, ‘Buy that’, ‘Sign up to my this’, then those people are not going to stay around for very long. There is no trust, there is no value, there is nothing there for your user.

Rather, if a person’s feed is filled with; ‘Here’s a free tip’, ‘Check out our podcast with special guest X’, ‘Here’s a piece of funny content’ and then ‘Buy our product’, then you have a lot more leeway. The ask to buy your product is accepted because the user has gained value from you already. If they don’t want the product, that’s fine, they’ll stay for the content and perhaps they’ll buy it next time you ask.

You can imagine this as a glass full of value. Your followers will only stay with you if it’s got value in. Every time you ask something of your followers, you tip a little bit of that value out of the cup. Once it becomes empty, that’s it, they’re gone. Keep giving them value and they’ll stick around.

Credibility Signals

Let’s not forget, engagement on social media is becoming more and more important every day. A post asking for a sale is unlikely to get much in the way of engagement. On the other hand, share something fun, interesting or thoughtful and perhaps you’ll see a flood of comments. When the big honchos at Facebook or Instagram see this engagement, they’re alerted that the content must be good – so they increase it’s visibility.

Same goes with Google, they take signals from the engagement on your content as to the credibility of you as a business. If people are talking about you, they trust you more and will give you an SEO boost on your website rankings.

So, there you have it. Givers certainly do gain, both in referral marketing and social media marketing alike. BNI West Wales is full of creative minds and thriving businesses. If you are struggling to think creatively on how your business can give value, ask a co-member at one of your weekly meetings – this is often an incredibly valuable way to get another perspective on your work.

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