We are BNI West Wales - A forwarding thinking business referrals group working together to connect you with people that can help your business grow.

Business referrals are one of the most powerful types of marketing. Bring together a group of people with this in their mind and you have a sales machine ready to grow your business like never before.

Who are we?

BNI West Wales is part of a global business network bringing together business owners in West Wales, who are able to share each others businesses and help generate referrals for one another.

What are referrals?

Quite simply, a business referral is where you are connected with a new potential client or customer by someone in our business referral group.

Join us in West Wales

and grow your business through

the power of referrals.

The first time you come to a meeting it is 100% free. You'll get a taster of how the business referral group in Wales works and how being a part of our family will bring huge benefits to your business. At each weekly meeting, every business owner gets the chance to share a little about their business with the rest of the group.

In doing this, we all understand each others businesses with great depth. As we progress through the rest of the week, we are then encouraged to keep an eye out for anyone who may be interested in other businesses in the group. When you meet somebody who could be a good connection, simply refer them to your fellow BNI member. Working together, we can all hugely grow our businesses.