It wasn’t until the back end of the 20th century that the term “networking” first revealed itself. The baby boom generation had grown up and was on it’s way into the workforce. The concept of business networking was to create powerful, action taking and highly sociable activities that had a purpose centered around benefits in business.

Back then, networking groups were few and often spread purely by word of mouth. Luckily, with the advent of the internet, we have access to every business networking event in our area. We know where it is, when it starts and who is going to be there.

The long lasting concept of meeting in person and developing business relationships has stood the test of time because meeting people in person creates far more benefits for both parties than simply exchanging a few messages on Linkedin. We see all of these benefits first hand at our business networking events in Wales. Let’s find out what some of them are.


1. Share Insights & Knowledge

At our business events in wales, every member gets to chat and talk business as well as being in a social and friendly environment. This recipe shakes up the perfect blend of relationships and trust so that deep business discussions take place.

We are all more than happy to share business ideas, tactics, wins, losses and everything in between.

If you make the effort to take action then you are certain to take something away from your business networking meet up that can help both you and your business.

2. Referral Opportunities

Our BNI business networking events have a big focus on sharing referral opportunities. You’ll get a little time to share details of your business with the group and we make sure that you are the only member of that profession.

All of this means that during the week, when your new networking friends end up in a conversation with someone who happens to be seeking for what you offer – you are recommended to them.

Personal recommendations are one of the most powerful forms of marketing. The social proof it gives packs much more clout than online reviews and so the chance of the lead turning into a paying customer is very high in most cases.

Learn more about business referrals here.


3. Make Like-Minded Connections

It is often stated that you become an average of the people you associate yourself with. So what happens when you join a business networking group for an hour and half, every single week?

You get to make connections with other budding entrepreneurs who share not only business as a common goal but often self development and similar lifestyles. It is rare in other situations to be stood in a room surrounded by so many people with such great ambitions.


4. Grow Your Personal Brand

Now, more than ever, your personal brand is at its highest importance. Developing a brand in a world where there is such a large amount of attention on entrepreneurship, social media and the events industry can bring to you not only huge benefits to you business but secondary streams of income too.

Sharing expert knowledge on your niche at networking events gives you the practice and the platform to become an industry thought leader. Bag yourself a chance to talk on stage and you’ve already gained a lot of respect and social proof that will open up more doors in the future.

This is a benefit that will suit some more than others depending on your business and personal goals.


5. Develop Social Confidence

Networking can be a daunting concept, especially for those with a lack of confidence or who suffer from social anxiety. Committing to visiting business networking events can be a way for you to start talking to people more, growing in confidence and realising your value as a person.

Benefits you’ll gain from this will transfer to every social interaction in your life and open up the potential for future personal and professional relationships.


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