When setting out on the journey to business networking you’ll go through two key phases. Firstly you’ll be learning a little about what’s involved and the huge benefits for your business. At this point, you’ll eagerly get your business cards printed, your objectives clear and then you reach phase 2 – which business networking events in Wales should you attend? Or more importantly, how do you find the best business networking events in Wales?

1. Network With a Smaller Group in Wales

Whilst a huge 5’000 attendee business event may sound appealing, it’s not necessarily going to give you the most value. Actually, how can you navigate around such a huge venue with countless stands and distractions. Bumping into the right person out of 5’000 is a lottery at best.

We’ve found the optimal way to network is with a smaller group of 10-30 people. This way you can truly dedicate time to learn about each other businesses and build close bonds with other like-minded business owners in your area.

2. Network With the Right People in Wales

When you visit a BNI Chapter for business networking you absolutely meet the right people. Why is this so important? Because you don’t have time to meet the wrong people. Those that are member of BNI have invested in their networking experience. By investing, they have shown an initiative that they are set to get the most out of their business networking.

Not just that but as we let only one member of each profession into each chapter, you’ll be the thought leader in your industry. This means that once you have connected with your group, you are now the go to person for that industry and vice versa.

This creates the right relationships with the right people so you get to attend the best business networking events in Wales for you.

3. Build Symbiotic Relationships in Wales

Have you ever read about the basking sharks that swim through ocean allowing small, vulnerable fish to drift in between they’re razor sharp teeth, delicately eating small remnants of lodged food? That’s called a symbiotic relationship. Sure the shark could eat that fish there and then, but it gets value from the fish cleaning out it’s teeth. The fish get’s to eat a nutritious meal whilst being protected by the shark against other threats. It’s a win win situation.

When you join a BNI chapter you get to join in a similar relationship – only with less teeth. See, one of the philosophies of BNI is the idea of Givers Gain. In a nutshell, this means that by helping out other members of the group by referring their business to other acquaintances, they will do the same in return. It’s a win win situation that you rarely see in other business networking environments.

4. Make Networking in Wales a Habit

At BNI, we hold members accountable for attending meetings regularly. We do this because building a solid relationship with an acquaintance who you have met once, twice if you’re lucky is nigh on impossible. At BNI, we create the best networking even in Wales by ensuring our members visit meetings every week. That’s how you get to learn about their businesses and how you meet the real people underneath.

Learn more about joining a BNI chapter here.

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