Business networking is not just useful – it is essential. In a time when competition is fierce and big money is being thrown into marketing budgets, there’s few avenues left to turn. Grab a foothold networking in Wales and you’ll have a constant stream of new clients for your business – spread your eggs in the networking basket, because networking is here to stay. It’s not a flash in the pan. It’s something that, once you have built it, will stay, strong and reliable laying the foundations of a solid business. Let’s get into some of the reasons networking is essential for your Welsh business.

Creative exploration helps solve problems

When you visit a business networking event in Wales, you aren’t merely arriving with the expectation of generating new leads for your business. Actually, there’s so many more levels than that. See, sure you may be passed a few referrals from friendly acquaintances, but, you also get to meet incredible people. There’s a lot to be gained from that.

Sometimes you can have a deep business conundrum unsettling your mind. Talking to family and friends can help but they’re most likely coming at the problem without a business mind. As you step into the networking environment, you have a creative cocktail of likeminded business folk who can help you solve your issues with an objective thought process. That’s something not to be ignored.

Develop your own self confidence

Talking to people about your business will give you confidence. You’ll learn to tell people about all the fantastic things you’ve been doing. You’ll get feedback from your peers. You’ll learn how to communicate and become a business networking jedi master.

These skills pass on to your everyday life too. The social skills and self esteem will fill up your life in every area leading to more opportunity and greater experiences. Go get em’!

Become THE thought leader

As voice search grows, your personal and business brand both take centre stage. People now, more than ever, need to know who you are and not just the keywords related to your business. See, if you’re a yoga instructor in Cardiff and someone voice searches on Alexa, ‘find me a Yoga instructor in Cardiff’, the chance of you being introduced to this potential client is slim. There’s no pages of Google results for the user to browse through. And in just a few years, that top result Alexa returns WILL be a paid result. You’ll have to pay to be heard. So, you’d better be sure that your potential clients don’t just search for a ‘Yoga Instructor’ – you want them well aware of who YOU are. You want them searching directly for you or your business brand. That’s a reason that you should be spreading the word and developing yourself into the thought leader of your industry – one of the best ways to do that is through networking.

Ready to grow your business?

With a huge amount of weekly networking meet ups in Wales. BNI West Wales would gladly invite you to join us for an introductory meeting. We currently have weekly meets at; Swansea, Swansea Bay, Carmarthen, Neath, Ammanford and Llanelli.

Interested? Take a look at all of the BNI chapters in West Wales right here.

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